"There was a little man."

So sleepy after a full day of filming. We’re eating, breathing, living Jane over here. And more tomorrow : ) 

A lot of time and effort goes into making Jane’s videos look realistically DIY. 
And I love my friends (new and old) for going on this journey with me! 
<3 to our writing team 
<3 to our show-runner
<3 to our designer
<3 to our social media guru
<3 to my fellow actors. 
You’re all flawless. xox 
You make the long hours endlessly fun.

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  3. grumpyrabbit said: …fellow actors? Are we going to be introduced to some more characters? Squee! Also, many thanks for all the work all of you do. It really shows in the videos.
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  6. ankahikoibaat said: thank you all for making me interested in Jane Eyre! The novel and (newer) movie never caught my attention as much as AOJE has.
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